Sales Master delivers all-inclusive online marketing and sales consulting

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Sales Master delivers all-inclusive online marketing and sales consulting.

Your will become trusted by creating value. We will deliver highly trusted relationship.

Do you want to grow your business? Use professional sales service.

SalesMaster is powered by Croatian company Eco Savro d.o.o. and its CEO Emil Pavić.


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Online marketing

SalesMaster provides all-inclusive online marketing support via different channels

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Sales consulting

SalesMaster provides ​a holistic sales consulting. You can grow your business with us.

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Extra service

SalesMaster will deliver more for you. You will need business and personal performance consulting, disinformation detection, intelligence analysis, risks assessments and other business support services.


“We dealt with our everyday problems and obstacles in sales. I rate the program as excellent as well as the lecturer!” – Matias Blagus – “OBO Betterman” d.o.o. Prodaja

“The seminar was interesting and of course I heard some things that I will be able to use in business. I liked examples from practice while explaining certain topics” – Ivica Blažević – “Gorea plus” d.o.o.. Sales manager

“The seminar was very good, useful and interesting, grade: 4+” – Tina Erjavec – “Infodom” d.o.o.

“The seminar was very useful and I give it a grade of 5 both to the program and to the lecturers themselves” – Marino Hutinec – “Bernarda” d.o.o.

“Personally, I think that our joint gathering on Wednesday was useful to me, not so much because of the topic itself, but because of the practical application. This is exactly the quality of your trainings, and that is why I think that my presence at the trainings was a well-invested time” – Radovan Kurtović – “Raiffeisen stambena štedionica” d.d., Regional sales manager

“The seminar was really interesting, constructive and practical with a great approach and summary of the essentials – without a doubt see you at one of the future seminars” – Ana Šlat-Gajski – “Press Clipping” d.o.o., Sales

„For me, the seminar “Active Sales” was interesting, simple and very well organized, useful and informative. Lecturers Mr. Blaž Lisac and Emil Pavić are interesting and professional, able to transfer their knowledge and experience in a very simple and understandable way “ – Dragana Jozeljić – “Hittner – tvornica traktora” d.o.o., Sales

„My personal experience from the lectures is very positive, Your lectures show an interesting and innovative approach to already known topics, and you also offered a wide range of useful answers to questions from the field of trade. Your lecture was not only based on mere theory, but you showed on certain examples how to specifically solve a situation or problem, and you also gave guidelines that every company should adopt and apply“ – Siniša Crnčević – “Hittner – tvornica traktora” d.o.o., Sales

„Thank you for the useful seminar. I am very pleased with your approach. For starters, I think you have determined just the right ratios between lectures and breaks, duration – all just great to keep the attention of the participants“ – Helena Koščica – “Press Clipping” d.o.o., Director

SalesMaster delivers all-inclusive online marketing and sales consulting.

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