Grow your business by using professional sales service. This can provide value added to your business. When you start a business, you need to pay attention to details, especially in sales. Your whole business model and competitive position depends on your sales performance and specific skills.

As a sales professional with more than 20 years of sales experience in 10 different industries, as a professional with experience in TV sales, I can help you grow your sales figures by personalized sales consulting. You can learn how to arrange sales meetings, write sales letters, find out about sales triggers and Always be closing (ABC) strategy and define your Unique selling proposition. It will also be important to learn professional ethics and provide post-sales care to your customers.

I can identify opportunities for your products or services. I can detect where the problems are and how to address your customers. This can be combined with all-inclusive and personalized online marketing support. Being competitive in almost any business requires sound user experience and online communication through different channels. Online marketing includes attractive content as well as many background details. Social media engagement will stay important for your community outreach.

Please, remember what one of the world top marketing experts Peter Drucker said: “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

My support to you is fully online. You are welcome to contact me any time.

This is what you get: We will deliver highly trusted relationship with you – And your will become trusted by creating improved value.

You can decide to raise your sales figures. Therefore, get your offer!

Emil Pavić, YourSalesMaster

I am glad to provide you some of my sales guidelines

  1. People make decisions based on information
  2. Smile during sales
  3. Try to be a second choice for your potential customers. Remember, if you are not able to be the first, be the second, because the third customer never call!
  4. When the customer responds to your offer that he/she already has a supplier, you should answer “This is not a problem at all!”. It is important to position yourself as someone who knows your job.
  5. When you sell, always focus on customer needs. Remember, the customer buys what he/she wants and not what you want.
  6. Think carefully about who your customers are, not only present but also future ones.
  7. Invest your energy in useful things. Do not let someone take your energy because it is hard and expensive to renew.
  8. If you want to be a successful sales person, you must adjust your sale to new circumstances. Never look back, always ahead, but not just a few days, look the whole decade.
  9. Always turn customer complaints into questions. In this way, you are slowly confirming their purchase and your sale.
  10. The future of sales is in a holistic approach where a sales person is not just a commercialist but also an advisor, a person who understands the needs of a customer. Kindness is a warm guarantee of success and long term relationships.
  11. Offer your customers a solution and not just a definition of the problem.
  12. Do you believe what you tell customers? Remember, the buyer is actually buying you and your solution.
  13. The buyer is actually asking you to convince him/her of the correctness of his decision and you have very little time for that. Be fast, convincing and credible.
  14. In B2B sales, always try to reach as many instances or decision makers as possible. If the top management rejects you, then you have a poor chance of selling.
  15. When presenting your product or service, be full of self-confidence. Customers will feel your energy and react. Give them your maximum.
  16. When selling, become an “ear” or become an active listener instead of a speaker. This way you will show that you care. So the rule is 80% listening and only 20% speaking.
  17. Learn how Ben Franklin was close sales.
  18. Rule 6 Yes – It has been proven that after 6 affirmative answers the customer removes his/her barriers. So try to get 6 affirmative answers in a row for a successful purchase.
  19. Never mention the price until the customer asks you. Price is the most important reason for refusing a purchase price and it is not the cause of the purchase.
  20. Buyers have a pronounced fear when buying because they are afraid that they will be deceived and that they will create new, bigger debts. That is why you as a salesperson have a moral responsibility to recognize when a buyer is unable to buy a product. In this way, you will reduce the possibility of returns and complaints and, above all, maintain your high sales integrity.