Emil Pavić - stručnjak za prodajni konzalting


Emil Pavić is a sales expert specialized for TV sales, with more than 20 years’ experience in this job.


Supporting sales and post-sales based on AIDA and ABC strategy


Delivering online and/or in-house seminars


Personalized coaching for your sales managers

Sales process

  • Learn how to arrange sales meetings
  • Write sales letters
  • Focus on sales triggers
  • Always be closing (ABC)
  • Define your Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Make an effective (video) presentation
  • Know your sales and professional ethics

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Post-sales process

  • Always care about your customers
  • Deliver quality for customers
  • Learn methods to increase sales

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Attention + Interest + Desire + ACTION

  • Attract attention and develop interest
  • Create desire and go for action
  • Learn market communication
  • Choose online marketing support

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Your Sales Master consulting provides the holistic approach. 

Emil Pavić will be your full time support for growing your chances – online and/or face to face.

Moreover, we strive to be among frontrunners in creating values for better communities. Therefore, your decision for growing with us provides you an extra change.

Therefore, your will get performance consulting and learn how to:

  • increase your competitive position
  • work on yourself and your team
  • improve your nutrition and use necessary supplements


Decide to grow with us.

We will deliver highly trusted relationship.

Your will become trusted by creating what others need.